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About Our Hearing Practice

Our Unconditional Pledge To You

We, at Centrum Hearing and Audiology, pledge to deliver to each of our valued patients the highest quality service, only quality hearing instruments (if needed) from only major manufacturers, hearing instrument which, at Centrum Hearing through Ron Conlin, are always priced significantly lower than the Manufacturer?s Suggested Retail Price, along with quality follow-up care. We promise to conduct, regularly, a thorough hearing and lifestyle evaluation in order to more accurately customize each hearing instrument prescription.

We aim to recommend only the most advanced hearing aid technologies, at multiple price points, to fit every budget. Furthermore, we promise to deliver extended in-office service and support over the life of your hearing aid.

About Us:

A Pocatelo native, I earned my Master?s Degree in audiology from Idaho State University in 1997. I love, support, and am so thankful for ISU and Pocatello. To help a little in giving back, one of my favorite opportunities is to have ISU students in the audiology doctoral program come in for clinical work under my supervision. I am so lucky to work with, and assist our future audiologists.

I am joined with the most helpful and caring staff our patients could have. My wife Krissy, who takes care of the financial aspect of the practice, which includes financing (one to two year no interest payment options), and working with almost all insurances, who have benefits for hearing health care. There is Diane Balls, who has been loyal and dedicated employee to Centrum?s patients for almost 15 years. She truly cares about each and every patient she meets, always going extra mile to make sure they are receiving the utmost care.